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Customizing medications for the entire family.
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Bring all of your medications into our pharmacy — our services include a compounding pharmacy!

Our compounding service makes our customers’ lives easier. Whether you are looking for a hormone cream, sterile formulations, discontinued medications, or whatever you need, we are here to help. Our pharmacists work with your doctor to formulate the right strength and form of your much-needed prescription when commercial prescriptions are not perfect for you. With advanced computerization, extensive training, and the use of high-quality raw chemicals, we compound your medications with confidence.

With 2 years of compounding experience, our technicians and pharmacists provide you with patient-specific medications. If you have questions about your prescriptions, feel free to drop by our pharmacy or consult our professionals at 269-459-9648.

tablets and capsulesWhat is a compound medication?

When you scroll through and explore the variety of services our pharmacy offers, you’ll notice we are a compounding pharmacy. So, what exactly is a compounding pharmacy?

Medication compounding is part art and part science in creating a medication personalized just for you! Compounding begins with a problem and the pharmacist seeks to solve and alleviate these issues. Issues we see in our pharmacy include:

  • The inability to swallow pills
  • Gluten and casein allergies
  • Customized medication

Compound medication can be life-changing to those who require a more specialized medicine.

Compound medications and prescriptions follow guidelines such as:

  • A medication is prepared by a pharmacist that operate under the United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Available only to those pharmacies that are equipped to compound medications

Because compounding is crucial to your health and well-being it’s important for everyone involved (you, your doctor, and pharmacist) to have a clear line of communication.  

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What are the benefits of a compounding pharmacy?

There are so many benefits to a compounding pharmacy, including:

The availability of discontinued medications – There are instances where drug companies discontinue medications, which makes it difficult for those using the medications to receive proper care or they are faced with having to figure out a new alternative. A compounding pharmacy can play an important part in helping patients get the medication they need by re-creating the formula.

Improving medication compliance – For small children and seniors, medication compliance can be difficult if you have trouble swallowing pills or if there is any difficulty taking the medication. A compounding pharmacist has the ability to customize a prescription to help make it a little more palatable for patients.

Providing alternative dosages – Similar to improving medication compliance, not only can a pharmacist create a good-tasting liquid medication instead of a pill, they can compound it into a topical cream or gel that improves its bioavailability.

Offers an all-in-one approach – If you’re on multiple medications, a compounding pharmacy is able to combine multiple medications into one. This makes your medication regimen more manageable and decreases the likelihood of skipping or forgetting to take a certain medicine.

Compounded medications can be more cost-effective – Although there are many steps to compounding a medication, the pharmacist often gets the pharmaceuticals at a much lower cost, and this can translate to lower costs and potential lower doses (higher quality drugs).

To take advantage of our compounding pharmacy, connect with us today!