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Midtown Market Pharmacy is here to serve the Kalamazoo community, one auto refill prescription at a time!

We’re more than your local pharmacy; we’re your community!

If you are on a long-term prescription, our auto refill program may be what you need!

At Midtown Market Pharmacy, not only do we provide the Kalamazoo community with affordable prescriptions that compete with big-box stores, but we also offer one-on-one education and counseling on the prescriptions you’re taking to ensure the utmost safety and wellness.

We also accept all major insurances and serve those on Medicaid and Medicare. Our caring and highly skilled pharmacists and staff members are here to support you in health and wellness!

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Why Choose Midtown Market Pharmacy for Auto Refill Prescriptions?

A long-term prescription is critical to take consistently for your optimal well-being, and if a prescription refill is missed, it can be a huge health obstacle. Signing up for a prescription auto refill can benefit you in the following ways:

  • No need to remember to call it in
  • Fewer interruptions to your daily life
  • Convenience to do more
  • At-home delivery from us
  • Better balance for medication adherence

Our auto refill program not only offers the benefits listed above, but you get a pharmacy that is local and operating right in the Kalamazoo community, which makes it even more advantageous.

Our community pharmacy is a great communicator.


Our auto refill program is convenient, but say there is the situation where you no longer need to be on that medication. What do you do? We want to help protect your pocketbook and prevent medication waste, so it is very easy to communicate with us that you no longer need to be on auto refill — it is really as easy as that! Don’t get stuck with a bill and medication you don’t need!

If there are any changes at all, we’re here to work with you — something a big-box store doesn’t offer.

Our auto refill program is convenient and helps you improve your prescription adherence.

To work with a local pharmacy who cares, connect with us today!

Download the FREE QR READER app on your iPhone or Android and simply take a picture of the barcode on the bottom left-hand side of the prescription label for hassle-free refills. You can also get your much-needed prescription without interruption from this convenient service.