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We are not just a pharmacy. We are your family.
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve the community by providing high-quality, cost-effective medications, and innovative pharmaceutical services. Midtown Market Pharmacy strives to be your partner in health, guiding you to achieve lifelong wellness and to make informed decisions regarding your health.


Who We Are
Midtown Market Pharmacy is an independent retail pharmacy in Kalamazoo, Michigan that was established with the mission of bringing convenience and access to quality medications and pharmaceutical services to all the residents in the area. We are a locally owned and operated pharmacy, operating for 2 years now. With us, you will find competent and caring pharmacists who are trained to address your health-related concerns. Our professionals work together to provide you with the assistance you need or answer any questions you might have about your prescriptions.

Apart from providing affordable prescriptions, we also educate our clients when it comes to their health and medications through one-on-one counseling and consultations. Midtown Market Pharmacy covers all major insurances, specifically Medicaid and Medicare. With our close attention to detail, our customers get to experience the high level of assistance they need.

The Benefits of Having a Local Kalamazoo Pharmacy

With so many big-box stores offering online and in-store pharmacy services at deeply discounted prices, what do you lose when you opt for these types of pharmacy services? When you choose a local, family-owned pharmacy, you not only get a pharmacy that is committed to quality care but you get an advocate for your health.

Midtown Market Pharmacy is staffed by people in your own community and provides services you can’t find anywhere else. Below are a few features that make our pharmacy shine!

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Comprehensive Services
As you’ll find on our Services page, we offer an auto-refill program, free blister packaging, free home delivery, and now even an app and additional services such as diabetes education and medication management therapy (MMT).

Dynamic and Unmatched Customer Care

If you are tired of automated systems where you never really speak to an employee or have pharmacy needs that go beyond what you find online, Midtown Market Pharmacy will cover the gaps. In big-box stores, the staff is ever-changing and you never really know who you’re dealing with — this isn’t the case with us. You’ll find a consistent staff that is highly skilled to provide the best care.