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You are not just a pharmacy number at Midtown Market Pharmacy; you are a Kalamazoo resident and a part of our community!

Get your medications delivered right to your doorstep for no additional charge!

Getting things delivered is a convenience we’ve all become quite accustomed to — we can get just about anything delivered these days, from groceries and shoes to pool tables and furniture!

At Midtown Market Pharmacy, we are your local Kalamazoo pharmacy that is invested in your health and wellness goals, and we offer free at-home prescription delivery!

Hydrocodone prescription bottle

Why is at-home prescription delivery valuable?

Many bigger companies offer prescription delivery, but they’re not helping to build a local community, and we are! When you receive prescriptions in the mail from big-box establishments, you get them from national shipping carriers, but with us, you get a familiar face — someone who works at Midtown Market Pharmacy and is a part of your community!

A friendly face goes much further, and our staff members can answer any questions or concerns you may have with your prescription, right there on the spot — a service that USPS or FedEx does not offer!

When you opt for our free prescription delivery, you can also benefit from the following:

  • No long wait times that can be awkward and at times unpleasant
  • One less errand to check off your list
  • You will never be without your medication
  • You don’t have to remember to actually pick it up


Free at-home prescription delivery from our pharmacy not only frees up more time in your day, but you know the person delivering it is right from the Kalamazoo community from our pharmacy!

If you desire leading pharmaceutical services with cost-effective medications and innovative medicals supplies, you have a partner in health with Midtown Market Pharmacy.

We’re here to answer any of your healthcare-related concerns and to better educate you on the medication you’re taking.

If free at-home prescription delivery sounds like the answer you’ve been waiting for, connect with us today to get signed up!