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All About Medicines: The Three Effects You Should Know

All About Medicines: The Three Effects You Should Know

Yes, we rely on medicines for healing and health recovery. We always aim to buy top quality prescriptions and supplements from a reputable pharmacy in Kalamazoo, Michigan. But if you’re buying over-the-counter meds, what should you consider to ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself? Before buying OTC, read the fine print of the meds first and look into the following factors to know more about what you’re buying:

  1. Side Effects

    In medicine, side effects refer to the unintended effects one feels after taking the meds. This could either be adverse or therapeutic. By adverse, it means the side effect causes inconvenience or other health problems. And by therapeutic, it means the other positive or beneficial effects of the meds, aside from its listed purpose. Adverse side effects could range from mild to severe. So when you’re buying OTC from an independent pharmacy in Michigan, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the pharmacists.

  2. Precaution

    Precaution refers to the list of expected outcomes of the meds, aside from its intended outcome. For example, even if the medication is intended to alleviate fever, patients might also be advised that it can cause drowsiness or diarrhea. There are also meds that are not recommended for pregnant women and kids. To know what to expect from the meds you recently bought from the local pharmacy, consult a physician first to know the precautions.

  3. Drug Interactions

    Lastly, know the possible drug interactions of the meds with other drugs or supplements. For example, there are meds for fever that should not be taken along with other meds for other health conditions. Drug interactions could be fatal, like what will happen if Theophylline and Ciprofloxacin are taken together.

With the stress and diseases today, we certainly need meds to help alleviate our pain. But this shouldn’t mean we need to take just any drug. For surefire health progress, be sure to consult a doctor or visit Midtown Market Pharmacy to avail of pharmacy consultation services as well as quality and affordable medical supplies.

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