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Ways to Control Sugar Intake for Diabetic Patients

Ways to Control Sugar Intake for Diabetic Patients

Extreme hunger, frequent urination, and increased thirst are merely some of the health inconveniences diabetic patients experience. And all these could be remedied with some lifestyle tweaks. Visit a pharmacy in Kalamazoo, Michigan that can educate you and your loved ones about diabetes. The following tips might also help your loved ones control their sugar intake:

  • Drink more water.

    Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before taking a meal helps you control your cravings and appetite. This also aids digestion. Drink water 1 hour after every meal to give your body more time to absorb the nutrients of the foods you just ate.

  • Follow the prescribed diabetic medication plan.

    Visit a doctor for regular monitoring of your blood sugar and cholesterol level. Ask for a medication plan. Visit an independent pharmacy in Michigan to buy all the medications you need. Then, set up personal time reminders for your intake to ensure compliance.

  • Follow a dietitian-approved meal plan.

    A diet plan doesn’t have to be unappetizing. Consult a nutritionist to create a menu that’s both healthy and appetizing. Learn to prepare your own foods to enjoy the process of eating healthy and avoid processed foods with high sugar content.

  • Take supplements.

    Lastly, take supplements. Aside from food, these are your chemical-free go-to pill to curb your cravings. If you’re not sure which supplement to take, visit a local pharmacy for consultation and shopping.

As a preventable lifestyle disease, diabetes can also be managed through lifestyle. By doing the tips above, you can slowly recover from diabetes and live a healthier life. For many years, it has been the commitment of Midtown Market Pharmacy to help diabetic patients cope with their condition. Visit the pharmacy to shop for meds or avail of consultations.

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